Separate yourself from the competition with a company rated A Excellent by A.M. Best in the XV financial size category and A+ by S&P.

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In North America, QBE has been recognized as one of the industry's best. Our distinctions stem from consistent growth, our diverse and specialized insurance portfolio, and a unique understanding of and appetite for risk. They are attributes that have helped us stand out from other insurers, while helping businesses of all sizes gain advantages over the competition. Simply put, we provide customers with the insurance needed to become unrivaled—and in today's competitive business world, there's nothing you'd rather be.


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North American Rating

Company Standard & Poor's Financial Strength Rating A.M. Best Financial Strength Rating A.M. Best Financial Size
QBE Insurance Corp. A+/Stable A (Excellent)/Stable XI
QBE Specialty Insurance Co. A+/Stable A (Excellent)/Stable XI
QBE Regional Insurance Group A+/Stable A (Excellent)/Stable XI
QBE Reinsurance Corp. A+/Stable A (Excellent)/Stable XI
Stonington Insurance Co. A/Stable A (Excellent)/Stable XI
North Pointe Insurance Not Rated A (Excellent)/Stable XI
Praetorian Insurance A+/Stable A (Excellent)/Stable IX
NAU Country Insurance Not Rated A (Excellent)/Stable IX

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